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The Foster Children of Time


Tony Marco is a normal south Texas teenager, bright but rather reserved.  One day while on a family outing at the beach, Tony happens upon a group of time tourists from the year 2088.  Unsure of what to do, Tony reconnects with his more adventurous, estranged childhood friend Caroline Montano.  Caroline impulsively crashes the tour, dragging Tony along with her.  Tony and Caroline soon find themselves on the Khronos-Solarin Station, a black hole-powered portal to various exotic eras in Earth’s past.  There, Tony and Caroline encounter Stephen Gaudet, an independent time scout who promises to take them home, free from the oversight of the time travel governing authority, Temporal Affairs.  Instead, Gaudet kidnaps Tony and Caroline and transports them to a twisted fantasy kingdom in the 11th Century A.D. created by a young and cruel time traveler known as the Wolf King.  Tony and Caroline encounter a quirky cast of characters including a genetically engineered Elf girl, a surly Croatian veteran of the First World War, a mysterious “Witch” from a distant future, a survivor of a 15th Century pogrom in Spain, and a tribe of very tall Dwarves.  Relying only upon their own wits and with help from their newfound friends, Tony and Caroline discover that one does not have to be a legendary monster slayer or great warrior to face off against Giants and Dragons. 




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